Preventing Gum Disease At Bozeman Dentistry – Gabriel McCormick, DMD

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Preventing Gum Disease at Bozeman Dentistry - Gabriel McCormick, DMD

Run your tongue along the gumline behind your lower front teeth. Do you feel a ridge? This is probably tartar or dental calculus. Even if you brush and floss regularly, plaque and tartar can gradually accumulate. If not removed, these bacteria-breeding substances cause the gums to become irritated and swollen. Eventually, the gums become detached […]

“Don’t Take Stress Out On Your Teeth, Bozeman”

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Don't Take Stress Out On Your Teeth Bozeman

Hello, I’m Dr. Gabriel McCormick. At my Bozeman practice I have noticed more and more of my patients with stress-related dental issues. Bozeman men and women may not think about it, but stress can do a number on your oral health. Mouth sores, clenching and grinding, periodontal disease, and poor oral hygiene can all be […]